Andover Housing Authority
A smoke free Housing Authority
For more information refer to our smoking policy
Andover Housing Authority

Meet our Staff

Emily LaMacchia
Executive Director
978-475-2365 x100
Colleen O'Connor
Housing Manager
978-475-2365 x 102
Anna Breen
Section 8 and AHVP Coordinator
978-475-2365 x 103
Courtney Daigle
Bookkeeper/AHVP and Administrative Assistant
978-475-2365 x 101
Theresa Hirsh
Receptionist/Office Assistant
978-475-2365 x 104

To Place a Work Order Please Dial 978-475-2365 x 104

Maintenance Department

Nicholas Ellis - Maintenance
Robert Dion - Maintenance
Eugene Valcourt - Maintenance
Derek Erban - Maintenance